Convert Again
We are an advertising agency with our own DSP solution that specialises in player retargeting for iGaming operators. We help converting, retaining and bringing back players back to you, while keeping
ROI above 300%.
How does it work?
We set up your audience pools using digital fingerprints and then launch ad campaigns that specifically target them via the world’s largest ad networks. This in turn increases brand loyalty and increases player base activity.

Ad campaigns are launched in the following media formats: Video, Banner, Native, In-page Push, Classic Push and Pop-Under.
We conducted multiple A/B tests with major online iGaming operators. Results show that players who were exposed to the retargeting ads made 20% more deposits than those who did not see the ads.

Our ad campaign ROI ranges from 300% to 1500%. Retargeting effectiveness varies depending on the size of the player base (the larger it is, the better the results). Absolutely all costs are being considered during ROI calculation.
The key and most effective scenario is existing
real money player base retention.

At the same time retargeting will be useful to improve the following scenarios: visitor to registration and registration to FTD.

Event based retargeting is a separate scenario that we launch for sports betting operators.
Who we are?
Our team includes leaders with over 15 years of expertise in the iGaming industry.

Currently ConvertAgain works with more than 25 international brands. Every month, we attract more than 15,000 additional deposit transactions to our projects, amounting to over 1M EUR.
Integration with DSP platform and launching retargeting campaigns
What we do?
Planning ad campaigns
Launching and optimising
ad campaigns
Detailed retargeting
effectiveness reporting
Producing creative materials and localisation for each target market
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